Thursday 29 May 2014

Rant 2 (Java)

I have been coding mainly in Python for a while now, using Sublime Text instead of an IDE. Recently, I have been looking at Java again, in order to develop Android applications. Now I understand all the benefits of Object Oriented Programming, generalization, abstraction, etc, but after coding pythonically for a while, Java programmers seem to overdo a little bit, sometimes. And by a little bit, I mean a lot, and by sometimes I mean nearly always. It feels like you can't do anything without implementing three abstract classes, extending two helper classes and creating a connector class, with a communicator class, and a helper class for each of these, and then some helper methods to help the helpers help other helpers. Just like big organizations, it becomes very difficult to find out where responsibility is actually being taken, instead of passed on to someone else, and the hierarchies become taller than your average Ent.

A good example is found in a newly created Android Project in Eclipse with the ADT plugin. The project space is seen below:
Here we can see a pretty impressive hierarchy. There's a directory called gen for Generated Java Files, it contains a single directory called, which contains a single Java class file called, which contains a single class called BuildConfig, which contains a single variable (a boolean), which is set to true. Yes, that's a 5 layer hierarchy to store a single boolean constant.


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